How to edit Ubiquiti Configs Via SSH

Some of the basic configs are easy to understand like the bridge connection and hostname…others not so much. The best thing to do is that if you can only gain SSH access to a remote device and aren’t able to connect via the web, then:

Configure a local radio the way you want.
Copy the config to notepad.
Paste it into the remote router.
Save and apply.
The config file is located at “/tmp/system.cfg”. To edit the file, use VI.

vi /tmp/system.cfg

Once you have edited your config file, you must save it to flash:

cfgmtd -f /tmp/system.cfg -w

Once you have saved it you can reboot by issuing the “reboot” command or you can do a soft apply:

/usr/etc/rc.d/rc.softrestart save